Hey there beautiful people. My name is Tanya and I reside on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW Australia. I am the mother of 3 children that refuse to stop growing and they fill my life with both joy and chaos but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Becoming a mother was the most difficult thing I have ever done. It challenged me in ways I had never imagined possible. Motherhood made me want to be a better person and it continues to encourage me to grow every day. Well most days, because we all need those ‘stuff it’ days, they’re good for the soul in small doses ❀

So this is my first blog and I’d be telling you all great big fat lies if I said that this isn’t daunting or that I knew what I was doing, so if I fumble along the way please forgive me. I feel as though I am learning to run before I have learnt to walk but what better way than to dive right in, right? Although if we were at the beach right now, and it wasn’t at least 40 degrees, there is no way I’d be diving right in. Actually I probably would because I seem to be one of those people who isn’t happy unless I’m pushing myself beyond my self. I’d be that crazy person approaching the water with trepidation but chanting some stupid mantra like ‘just do it’ or ‘the water isn’t getting any warmer’. Then I’d dive in head first, in the most undignified manner, choke on the salt water that went up my nose (despite my conscious effort to avoid that very scenario), and come up thinking ‘that wasn’t so bad’. And then repeat that same scenario each and every time I go to the beach because apparently I cannot accept that I actually find cold water refreshing. And what was the point of that rant… I have no freaking idea đŸ˜¶

Well now that I have introduced you to my tendency to ramble and forget the point, you can be thankful that blogs can be edited and when I go on random rants I can edit them out. Or maybe rants are your thing and you will comment below and I’ll leave some ranting in there, the future is in your hands 🙄

So apart from random ranting and forgetting points, I love arts and crafts. I have always dabbled in some form of artistic expression, whether it be poetry, colouring in or drawing. Admittedly I was never great at any of those but I revelled in the act of self-expression. A little later down the line I was gifted some beading supplies and I began making beaded jewellery. This was extremely therapeutic but I could never really find my groove. I had always wanted to learn to crochet so I read book after book hoping to learn the craft but I failed every time. Then along came YouTube and Google. Crochet quickly became my thing. I spent years making people crochet gifts in the way of blankets, scarves, bags and toys. Late one night, while searching for new patterns and tutorials on YouTube, I stumbled across a video that would change my life. It was a simple video on hand spinning. As the lady carried her spinning wheel out onto the jetty I became mesmerised. I watched her every move and not long into the clip, she took a strip of un-spun wool and like Rumplestilkskin, she transformed it. Obviously it was no gold that she spun but I knew right then that I had found my holy grail. I just had to have a spinning wheel. This began my journey into the world of fiber and ultimately to the creation of Willow and the Wisp, an Etsy store specialising in hand-made gifts and hand-blended fibers ready for spinning, felting and weaving. It’s a new journey and one that I would love to share with the world.

So come along for the ride. Learn a little about me, learn a little about a craft or share a little of yourself or your knowledge. I love to learn new crafts and new techniques so your comments are always welcome ❀


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